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Around The World, CMMS Work Orders
Omeganomics Software Program Series
  • Programs, Files, Fields 
  • Data System Rules
  • Utilities
  • Risk Management
  • Accounting
  • Enhancements to Dot Net
  • Remote Work Order Management

Put the CASH back in your operation.

Ask Us How To Acquire the

"Master Maintenance Money Management"

software program series for FREE.

The "Master Maintenance Money Management"

software program series now offered in a "Private Label.


"How Support Management Can Improve Productivity and Profitabilityat a cost that is less than the cost of taking a coffee break...NOW!"


  • Cost Containment
  • Maintenance Avoidance
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Smart Sustainability
  • Operational Readiness
  • Governance, Risk, & Compliance
  • Private Labeled

What if you could have access to over 20,000 software programs and utilities that are ready to replicate, re-engineer or associate in any manner you want in minutes? Would this be awesome or what?
Over 500 fields of data
Over 200 data files
Are these issues familiar to you?
  • Maintenance Avoidance (How do you avoid costly labor and material?)
  • Cost Containment (Can you reduce costs and at the same time provide an improved level of service?)
  • Work Order Processing Costs (Do you use remote data management?)
  • Planned Maintenance Criteria (Do you have the correct PM procedure for equipment maintenance?)
  • Forensic Maintenance (Do you really know your cost of maintenance?)
  • Program Support (Does your current maintenance program company exist?)
  • Planned Schedules (Are you scheduling planned maintenance in compliance with all the required agencies?)
  • Compliance (Do you meet the regulatory agency criteria for planned maintenance and corrective maintenance repairs?)
  • Maintenance Costs (Can you identify the costs of operations and equipment maintenance down to the lowest common denominator?)
  • Safety (Do you practice safety for your customers and staff?)
  • Productivity (Is the attitude of your workers the fiber of good performance?)
  • Knowledgebase (Do you have a knowledgebase of work performed?)
  • Budget (Does your budget comply with the direction of the company?)
  • Efficiency (Does your program include planned versus actual hours?)
  • If these issues seem familiar to you, then call us so we can meet and strategize with you to improve your operational units.
  • Now is the best time to make changes that effect the operational unit in a positive way.

Smart Sustainability

Maintenance Avoidance

Cost Containment

Revenue Enhancement

Contractor Review

Forensic Maintenance

Cash Back Purchasing Deposits

Loyalty Reward Deposits

Enhanced Hydration

Water That Kills

Regulatory Compliance

Increased Productivity

Monitored Efficiency


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CMMS, a Computerized Maintenance Management Software Program for Support Automation Technology that includes Application Development and Deployment for corporation work groups that require Computerized Maintenance Management Software, CMMS, Help Desk, Asset, ERP Enterprize Resource Planning, CRM Customer Resource Management and Assets, and "Customer Retention Marketing" program second to none.

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